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A Fun Love with Katie & Jason

Reflecting back on an incredible engagement session last fall in St. Paul, Minnesota.

There are so many types of love.

Unconditional Love... Fast Love... Young Love... Old Love... New Love...

But what intrigues me most is FUN LOVE.

Life is filled with a balance of work and play. It is so crucial to remember to incorporate that "play" into your relationship and into your love.

Get ready... there is a whole lot of fun love coming your way!



​These two have a love filled with fun! A young love. A fresh love. The kind of love we all dream of finding. They taught me to take life a little less seriously. To enjoy it more. I have never photographed a couple that smiled and laughed more than these two. I had an absolute blast capturing it in images that they will be able to enjoy for a lifetime.



​Seriously! They laughed the entire session...



​They couldn't stop kissing...



​They couldn't keep their hands off of each other...



​There is nothing better than capturing moments like these when the sun is just perfect! I love the warmth and timeless feel it portrays. Each location was so unique... hurry up! I can't wait for you to see the rest!


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