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nichole jenniges

Our lives are made up of unlimited moments that define us.


Have you ever recalled a moment in time, kind of, sort of, but wish you had a picture to go with it; to really remind you of what the moment was exactly like?


What you wore, who was with you, what you felt?


I want to be that person that captures that for you so that you may never forget those moments that define you.


So what about me?  What moments have defined me?


I've lived in Minnesota, then Colorado for a while, back in Minnesota and now establishing my roots back where I belong, in Colorado!  


My husband and I were married in Colorado 12 years ago.  He is the love of my life, my soulmate, my one and only!  How amazing is that?  We just purchased land in Conifer, CO so that we can start to build our lives in the Rocky Mountains.


My step-son is in the National Guard and I couldn't be more proud of him. My step-daughter was married in May in a gorgeous ceremony to her high school sweetheart.  Not only did my uncle offiiciate our wedding, but hers as well.


I learned how to build high power rockets with my dad when I was young.  Not only was I the cover of a few magazines because of it but was also featured on TV during a launch.  I was there when my Aunts father passed away.  My mom saw me put on my wedding dress for the first time.  I was surrounded by my family when Brandon proposed.  I am a God Mother to two important girls in my life.  My husband watched me open my very own camera for the first time.  


Each of these moments define the person I am today!  They are my story. I love my story!


And because of that, I want to be there to capture those pivital moments for you.  From newborns, to graduations and from weddings, to just because...  I love it all!  


I can't wait to meet you and photograph the beauty of you!


Oh by the way, that's my brother with me in the pictures!  



Nichole Jenniges

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