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The Photography Bug

"Let's take out the huge bin of pictures," mom said.

This is something mom and I do every few years. It's so much fun to look back at past memories, see how people have changed, and wonder 'what were we thinking?' when it comes to the hair styles of the 80's. At least we know better now.

As many times as mom and I have taken part in this ritual, there is something that caught my eye this time. I had the photography bug from the very beginning!

19 years ago I shot this photo of my brother Steven. We were packed and waiting to go up North. The two of us were staying at the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa to help build a shed over a couple of weeks. Our longest visit at Moose and longest time away from Mom and Dad.

Apparently I felt this moment was one to remember forever. So I photographed it.

Equipment: Canon Point and Shoot

Sure, it's under exposed, the framing is embarrassing and he has a lamp shade popping out of his head...

BUT there is something to be said about what this image captures for me personally.

Anticipation. Excitement. An amazing couple of weeks with Grandma and Grandpa. Adventure. A time when my little brother and I hung out vs. today when his amazing wife and daughter are his world. Grandma and I making lunches for the boys, because face it, I'm not that great with a hammer.

So maybe my photography skills were still a little rough around the edges, and ya, maybe this looks like my brother just sitting on the couch watching television. I captured a moment I will never forget because of this image.

For me, it's filled with emotion and stories!

Thankfully I had the photography bug back then or I would never have remembered this moment.


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