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Lauren & Kelby

I was blessed to celebrate Lauren and Kelby's marriage this Saturday in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Colorado.

It was sunny! Warm! And absolutely perfect!

Lauren had absolutely every detail put together. She new exactly what she wanted and it was exactly that!



After leaving the hotel in Black Hawk about a half an hour late - you can't rush beauty - we arrived at the stunning Aspen Groves for the ceremony. Kelby was already down the aisle and couldn't even look up. He was so excited to see his bride.



Their ceremony was simple. Personable. Intimate. Tucked away in the Aspens.




Bonfire. S'mores. Line Dancing. Jenga. Tic Tac Toe. You name it... it was there!



My favorite part of the day... these two! And their crazy, country love!

Congratulations Lauren and Kelby...


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